21. Redimension: Using the Dimension tool, dimension the width and length of the tab.

22. Mirror: Under the Pattern field, select Mirror, which will allow us to copy the tab on the top to the bottom. With Select highlighted, select the three lines we want to mirror. Next, select Mirror line and choose the dotted centerline we created earlier. When you are ready, select Done to mirror the tab!

23. Finish Sketch: Now that we have the desired 2D shape for our clip, select Finish 2D Sketch to move on.

24. Start Extrude: In the top left corner, go to the 3D Model tab. Under the 3D Model tab and in the Create field, select Extrude.

25. Dimension Extrude: In the value field, input how deep you want the part to be (I chose 1in). If you do not see a 3D preview of the clip, select Profile and make sure the 2D sketch of the clip is selected.

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