Here, you'll find step by step videos to teach you the basics of Autodesk Inventor, a CAD (computed aided design) program that will teach you how to get started making a CAD model that can be 3D printed.

It may seem complicated, but our 31 steps are simple and easy to follow! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

1. Getting Started: These are the options for getting started in Autodesk Inventor. We will focus on Parts and Assemblies.

2. Getting Started Continued: In the top left corner, we have options to view and open previous projects.

3. Starting a Part: To start a new 3D part, simply click on Part.

4. 3D Features: Under the toolbar, you will notice a number of tabs. The first, 3D Model, contains the various options for creating three dimensional features.

5. Sketch Features: The second tab, Sketch, contains the various options for creating two dimensional sketches.

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