MakerNurse is a community of inventive nurses who are creating solutions to improve patient care every day. At MakerHealth, we provide the tools, platforms and trainings to help these MakerNurses make the next generation of health technology. 


Our Tools

Our MakerHealth and MakerNurse programs enable nurses and hospitals to create their ideas faster and using our MakerHealth Operating System. 

Join the Network

Our community of users and just in time learning modules make sure you can get up to speed fast at using MakerHealth tools and libraries to prototype, test, and share.

Learn New Skills

You make because patients demand it. Let MakerHealth show you how to go from idea, to something in your hand to prescribing a prototype in record time.


"With the MakerHealth™ Spaces, nurses can take that epiphany for how to improve the patient experience and make it into something they can hold in their hand."
-Jose Gomez-Marquez